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Huawei Commercial

Huawei Commercial


HP: “The power of collective wisdom can make anything possible. Our passion fuels innovation for a better connected world. Like this video, tell us your comments, and subscribe to our page to be part of the revolution #INNOVATIONREVOLUTION”.


70% of the population will have a smartphone by 2020.
16 million text messages are sent every minute.
80 million instagram photos are uploaded every day.
But hold up – This isn’t just data
These are memories
The next big thing
The next little thing
The next something
The world as we know it has changed
Innovation doesn’t just begin in labs
Our global innovation hive harnesses the power of the collective network
The power of collective wisdom when we rotate ceos every 6 months
The power of $38B in R&D Investment
The power of the 99% instead of the 1% since we’re employee owned
Our passion for makin thins possible
Fuels innovation for a better connected world

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