HEB Super Bowl Commercial 2017 – Eva Longoria

HEB Commercial - Eva Longoria

HEB Commercial – Eva Longoria

H-E-B gives you the opportunity to appear in an H-E-B commercial and it has brought in Eva Longoria to explain you what you have to do in this regard.

“H-E-B Picks are one of a kind products and the best of what’s in store. So we’re calling on you to make a video just as unique as they are. So send us your best 30-second video about your favorite H-E-B primo pick”, says the famous actress in the spot, featuring several persons (including kids) showcasing their favorite products in dedicated videos. Among these persons there are a young girl, a gymnast promoting the Shake Rattle & Bowl, a young man playing the guitar and performing a song about “That Green Sauce”.

“You could win $25.000 and be in an H-E-B TV spot”, says Longoria, adding that you wouldn’t be “the first person from a small Texas town to make it on TV”, and winking after that. Those interested to participate are invited to see a list of eligible products and enter their videos at the brand’s

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