Google Home Commercial Song 2017 (Super Bowl LI)

Google Home Super Bowl Commercial 2017

Google Home Super Bowl Commercial 2017

Google introduces Google Home, a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant, always ready to help, in its Super Bowl commercial.

The 60-second spot features several families using Google Home, highlighting thus the way it’s used (users should start asking their questions with “Ok Google”), the things it can do, such as turn on and off the lights, turn up and down the music, and the information it can provide, such as the sound a whale makes, the weather, how you say “Nice to meet you” in Spanish, and others.

The spot features how the first words some people say when returning home is “Ok Google, turn on the lights”, how a woman trying to make a recipe uses a substitute for an ingredient thanks to Google Home, how another woman learns to say “Nice to meet you” in Spanish to her guests from Spain and, as it comes to its end, how a group of friends manages to organize a welcome home party with the help of Google Home.
The ad ends with the onscreen line “Home by You. Help by Google”.

Google will be spending $5 million for this 30-second TV ad, that will air as part of Super Bowl LI, on Sunday, February 5.

The song playing in the background is a whistled version of “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver.

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