Goodyear Dale Jr. Blimp Pilot Commercial

Goodyear Blimp Commercial 2017

Goodyear Blimp Commercial 2017

Goodyear has released a new commercial to celebrate the return of Dale Earnhardt Jr. to racing at the 2017 Daytona

The 40-second spot, titled “Ace Blimp Pilot” following Dale’s tweet of last year “Lemme drive that blimp”, stars the NASCAR professional driver fulfilling that wish. “In my life I’ve driven a lot of things. I’ve driven boats, I’ve driven planes, I’ve driven tractors, I’ve driven hot rods. Oh, yeah, I’ve driven race cars. But it’s always been my dream to drive this”, says Dale, referrin to a blimp. “Gentlemen, start your engines”, he adds and then takes off, showing that he’s got the right stuff to be the next Goodyear’s ace Blimp pilot.

At this point, viewers can see the blimp with Goodyear’s logo on it and the onscreen line “Driven like R” and the hashtag #welcomeback88.

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