Galaxy Chocolate TV Advert – Cupid

Galaxy Chocolate Cupid Advert

Galaxy Chocolate has released a Valentine’s Day advert to remind us all to “rush less” and “feel more”.

The 60-second spot, titled “Galaxy Chase”, is a modern take on the classic Cupid story and features a young woman rushing through life, with Cupid chasing her. The latter follows her through the busy streets of London, where she cycles hurriedly to get to work, at an arts museum, on the subway, on the crowded sidewalks, and even in a night club, but his arrows miss her, hitting others around her instead.

Eventually, love strikes her when she takes a moment to enjoy a Galaxy chocolate, and this is how the advert ends. The final onscreen line, “Rush Less. Feel More.”, is a piece of advice for today’s generation, that needs to learn how to make time for a moment of pleasure.

The advert, directed by Juan Cabral via MJZ with producer Stephen Johnson, features original music produced at Soundtree by Andrew Kingslow and Peter Raeburn.