Ford Commercial Song 2017 – People Stuck

Ford Commercial 2017 - People Stuck

Ford Commercial 2017 – People Stuck

Ford has released a new commercial, highlighting how it uses the tecnology of tomorrow to help you move today and “go further”.

“No one likes being stucked. That’s why Ford is developing new ways to help you move in life. Faster, easier, better. Today and tomorrow we’re going forward so you can”, says the voiceover in the 90-second spot, which starts with several persons (and even a cat) stuck in various places, such as on a ski-lift, on the roof of the house, on a boat, on the sea, on the ground, during a wrestling fight, or in other various situations, such as when the basketball remains in the basket, when the kite remains stuck in a high tree, when you can’t unzip a dress, when you can’t move the car because of a snow mountain, when you don’t have the key to unlock the door and try to enter the house using the pet’s entrance, when you remain stuck on a fence as a kid, when you remain stuck in traffic.

The ad continues with those persons getting out of those annoying situations and going forward, some of them with Ford, using ride sharing, electric vehicles, bike sharing, autonomous vehicles, and ends with the company’s tagline, “Go Further”.

The song playing in the background is Nina Simone’s 1967 single “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free”, from the “Silk & Soul” album.

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