Farmers Insurance 2017 Burkies Commercial – Stag Pool Party

Farmers Insurance Deer Commercial

Farmers Insurance Deer Commercial

Farmers Insurance has released a new ad campaign, titled “The 2017 Burkies” and presented as a “preeminent awards show” celebrating the best fake movies based on real Farmers Insurance claims.

The “Stag Pool Party” spot tells the story of Todd, a stag who fell in love with deer Beverly and decided to marry her.

Before the wedding, the bachelor party took place, of course, but with an unexpected turn. Todd, Steve (the deer-in-law), Fred (the best man), Mark and other fellows breezed in someone’s pool and damaged it, and got caught.
“These stags are not just taking the party to the pool, they’re destroying it”, says the voiceover, while on the screen photos of the stags causing damage are displayed.

The 30-second ad reveals that “Stag Pool Party” is based on a real claim, covered by Farmers Insurance on April 26, 2014.

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