Express Commercial Song 2017 – Karlie Kloss

Express Commercial - Karlie Kloss

Express Commercial – Karlie Kloss

“Time to start making your own rules. Your life, your dress code” – this is the message of the latest commercial released by EXPRESS, promoting the spring 2017 collection.

The 60-second spot features several youngsters, guys and girls, in their homes, doing various activities until an envelope is slipped by a mysterious woman wearing a loose-fitting red dress under their doors. After opening it and reading the content of the letter, they take off and, as they leave the apartment, it is unveiled that they are all neighbors and that they all go in the same place: Karlie Kloss’s place.

As the spot comes to its end, viewers get to see what was the message received by her neighbors: “Come as you are”.
Karlie (the face of the brand’s new ExpressLife campaign), who was the mysterious woman in red dress, goes to the door and shuts it with a mysterious smile.

“Your life, your dress code” – is the final onscreen line, followed by EXPRESS logo.
The fashion retailer believes that “whether you’re a driven go-getter or a bold idealist, what you wear is an
extension of who you are” and invites you to find – in the collection including from flowing florals to classic stripes – “the look that is unapologetically you”.

The song used in the ad is the single “In the Grace of your Love” by the dance-punk band The Rapture, from their
2011 album of the same name.

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