El Pollo Loco Commercial 2017 – Grill Master

El Pollo Loco Commercial 2017

El Pollo Loco Commercial 2017

Pedro Lopez stars in the new El Pollo Loco Commercial titled “Grill Master”.


At the original El Pollo Loco, on Alvarado Steet, you’ll probably see Pedro Lopez Tending the grill.
There’s no star map bearing his name, no doule-decker tour bus stop dedicated to him, but Pedro’s been an L.A. hero for over 3 decades.
You see, Pedro’s been one of the original El Pollo Loco Grill since 1985.
In that time, he’s mastered the shared language of open-flame and amazing chicken.
Which, of course, has a Spanish accent.
El Pollo Loco. Fresh from the grill.

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