Desigual Exotic Jeans Advert Song 2017

Desigual Exotic Jeans TV Advert - Nia Lyons

Desigual Exotic Jeans TV Advert – Nia Lyons

Desigual has released a new ad campaign, featuring the Exotic Jeans SS17. The fashion brand invites you to learn the six best #hiplet moves (the Charleston, the Cam Cam, the Vivian, the Tootsie Roll, the Sexywalk, and the Soutenu Scoril) with Camryn Hutchinson, Nia Parker and Nia Lyons, in six 15-second spots.

Nia Parker presents the Charleston, which involves hip hop arms, ballet legs & en pointe feet – everything together and the Tootsie Roll, with a mix between hip hop body, ballet legs & en pointe feet.

Camryn Hutchinson presents the Cam Cam, represented by a mix between ballet body and hip hop legs and the Sexywalk, mixing the hip hop body with en pointe walk.

Nia Lyon proposes, instead, the Vivian, a mix between hip hop body and en pointe feet, and the Soutenu Scoril, where the latin way of moving your body meets en pointe and ballet technique.

The song used in the ads is “Alive (Desigual Mix)” by Hejazy feat. Selena Garrahan & Deaf Bass.

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