Clear Gorilla Glue Commercial 2017

Clear Gorilla Glue Commercial

Clear Gorilla Glue Commercial

Gorilla Glue has released a new commercial, promoting the Clear Gorilla Glue, a though, crystal clear, sticks to everything glue.

The 30-second spot features a couple in their home, with the woman asking to Siri to search for really strong glue that’s clear. When repeating her request, Gorilla Glue shows up near her, making her scream in fear. Ignoring the shouting, the gorilla hands her over a pack of Clear Gorilla Glue and the couple use it for fixing their glass table.

The spot ends with the gorilla testing the table and with the the voiceover saying that Clear Gorilla Glue features a crystal clear formula for the toughest jobs on planet Earth.

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