Carl’s Jr. Commercial 2017 – Pioneer Anthem

Carl's Jr. Commercial 2017

Carl’s Jr. Commercial 2017

Title: Pioneer Anthem

HP: “At Carl’s Jr., we’ve pioneered quality and creativity for decades. We are pioneers of the great American burger”.


We are Carl’s Jr.
The authentic American burger
For 75 years we’ve pioneered quality and creativity
We started charbroiling, made the drive-thru a thing
We were the first to use grass-fed all-natural beef and trailblazed making piscuits for scratch
We are always experimenting with things like Jalape├▒os, Moonshine, Bacon, Bacon Strips, Bacon Jam,
Bacon Crumbles and next up All-Natural Chicken with No Antibiotics Ever
We are the Pioneers of the Great American Burger
Carl’s Jr.

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