Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial 2017 – Ghost Dog (Spuds MacKenzie)

Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial - Ghost Dog

Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial – Ghost Dog

Bud Light’s Super Bowl commercial highlights that “it’s not about the parties”, but “about the friendships”. Well, actually it’s the brand’s revived mascot, dog Spuds MacKenzie highlighting this.

The 90-second spot starts with a young man telling a friend he would rather stay at home tonight. After hanging up, the ghost of Spuds MacKenzie shows up and takes him on a journey in the past few days to let him see how much he has lost by not going out with his friends.

“Now, this very moment, your friends are hanging out and you’re missing it”, says the bull-terrier floating above the young man, named Brian.
“I just didn’t think it was a big deal, you know”, tries Brian to explain.
“Brian, listen. I’m a man, you’re a man. Take my leash. I need to show you something”, says Spuds, seting out on an insightful journey for Brian.
First, the bull-terrier takes Brian outside a bar where his mates went out to have a beer, so that he could see that he missed on an inside joke, then he takes Brian in a pub, where his friends attended a quizz and didn’t know an answer that he knew. “They needed you and you weren’t there for them”, says Spuds, twisting the knife in the wound. Eventually, Spuds takes Brian for another walk, at a friend’s house, where his friends gathered for a party.
“They are a little low on Bud Light, Brian”, says Spuds, putting a box of Bud Light into Brian’s hands. “Take this, you’ll be a hero”.
Before letting him leave, he asks his new friend to crack open one of the beers and then the two have a beer together.
“That was Spuds MacKenzie reminding you you’re not just here for the parties, you’re here for the friendships”, states Spuds, flying into the sky with a can of Bud Light. The brand’s mascot reminds you also to be good friends and enjoy Bud responsibly.
Spuds MacKenzie, Honey Tree Evil Eye by her real name, died in 1993 (four years after retirement) because of a kidney failure, when she was 10 years old (yes, Spuds was a she).

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