Bonprix Werbung Song 2017 – Der Gepard

Bonprix Werbung - Der Gepard

Bonprix Werbung – Der Gepard

Title: Bonprix – Fühl Dein Wow

Director: Thim Wagner/Andreas Ernst
Creative Director: Mirjam Wagner, Gregor Willimski
Art Direction: Tomma Fehrs, Maria Torres, Carina Flock (Shooting)
TV Producer: Moritz Sülz
Text: Jan-Erik Scheibner
Client Service Director: Birte Helmert
Senior Project Manager: Renée Kathrin Hicks

Song: Roxette – The Look (Cover)


One, two, three, four walking like a man
Hitting like a hammer
She’s a juvenile scam
Never was a quitter
Tasty like a raindrop
She’s got the look

Heavenly bound
Cause heaven’s got a number
When she’s spinning me around
Kissing is a color
Her loving is a wild dog
She’s got the look

She’s got the look
She’s got the look
What in the world can make a brown-eyed girl turn blue
When everything I’ll ever do I’ll do for you
And I go la la la la la
She’s got the look

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