BMW Series 5 Scott Eastwood Commercial 2017 – Paparazzi Hiding Behind BMW

BMW Series 5 Commercial 2017 - Actor: Scott Eastwood

BMW Series 5 Commercial 2017 – Actor: Scott Eastwood

BMW has released a new commercial, showcasing the all-new BMW 5 Series with Remote 3D View and how this feature of BMW Remote App can help users get out of “critical” situations.

The 30-second spot, titled “Paparazzi”, features actor Scott Eastwood, who has become the face of the new BMW 5 Series Sedan, finding an ingenious way to lose the paparazzi waiting for him outside the restaurant he is in together with a young woman. Seeing – thanks to the Remote App – the two celebrities gossip hunters hidden behind his BMW Series 5 Sedan, he decides to ask a waiter who looks a little bit like him to put on some sunglasses and get out the restaurant pretending he’s the cinema star. Things go exactly as planned: the paparazzi chase the waiter and he can leave the restaurant peacefully in the company of the young lady.

The My BMW Remote App is very useful as it allows you, besides seeing your BMW’s current position on a map on
a smartphone in 3D, lock or unlock your car by smartphone from wherever you happen to be, turn on the auxiliary
heating or auxiliary ventilation, sound the horn and flash the lights.

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