Axe Commercial 2017 – Messy Look

Axe Commercial - Messy Look

Axe Commercial – Messy Look

Axe has launched a new ad campaign, with the tagline “Find Your Magic”, promoting some of its hair products, such as Axe Day Long Glue, Axe Extreme Hold Gel, Axe Matte Gel, Axe Classic Pomade, Axe Flexible Paste, and Axe Styling Putty.

The brand of male grooming products has released three spots, 30-second long each, showing men how they can make a spiked up look, a clean cut look and a messy look.

The first one is can be made by mixing the glue in your hands, then raking your hair energetically and finally twisting it hard. For a one-ticket to elegance, Axe recommends the clean-cut look. First, mix the pomade, then run your finger deeply through that well-traveled hair of yours and finally side part it and comb it backwards. About the young man who’s done this hairstyle in a train station, the voiceover says “he’s not just a pretty hairstyle” and that “he can also refold any map with finesse and no sticky fingers”. “Mix, rake, comb”, resumes the voiceover at the end.

As for the messy look, a young guy in a bar shows you how to do it. “No one stands a chance against a real man.
Except a guy who knows what “man” means. For a casually bilingual style, I recommend the Messy Look”, says the
actor, who then reveals the steps to be followed: “First-o, take a fingertip of paste and mix it in your hands, then rake your hair strongly, and spin it, dude”. “There you go. Not just a pretty hairstyle. I also speak a language and a half”, says the guy at the end.

All the three spots end with the tagline “Easy for Every Day” and with the brand’s tagline, “Find Your Magic”.

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