Amazon Echo Dot Advert 2017 – Alexa Moments

Amazon Echo Dot TV Advert

Amazon Echo Dot TV Advert

Amazon UK has released a new advert promoting the Amazon Echo Dot with a series of “Alexa Moments”.

The 30-second spot starts with a couple in bed, at night, asking Alexa to flip a coin in order for them to find out who is going to the baby crying in his crib. The next image shows an echilada with onion, with the man holding it asking to Alexa what’s on his calendar today. Alexa informs him that he has a meeting at 3 o’clock and the man decides to eat something else, with no onion. Finally, another man who can barely pack his bags to go on vacation asks Alexa what’s the weather in Ibiza and thus he learns that currently it’s 23 degrees with partly cloudy skies. The next second, he takes a pile of winter clothes out of the suitcase and had no trouble zipping it.

The ad, launched with the hashtag #Justask, invites you to control your smart home, play music, get information and more with the Amazon Echo Dot, available at £49.99.

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