Amazon Echo Commercial 2017 – Alexa Moments: Buster, Chili, Uber

Amazon Echo Commercial 2017 - Buster

Amazon Echo Commercial 2017 – Buster

Amazon has released a new commercial, featuring some “Alexa Moments” and promoting the Amazon Echo.

One of the spots, 10-second long, shows Buster, a Boston Terrier who eats the snack stadium prepared by his owner for the Big Game night. After finding him “owning” the stadium, the man asks Alexa to call a pizza place to order something else to eat.

The 10-second “Chili” spot features a young man at a party who sneezes into the pot with chili sauce, making the host take action immediately. “Alexa, ask Pizza Hut to place an order”, she asks the moment she sees what her guest has done.

The 10-second “Uber” spot features a group of friends watching a football match on TV. While almost all of them, fans of a team, are sitting on the couch with sad looks because of the evolution of the game, one of them, Todd, fan of the opponent team, is celebrating. At some point, some of the disgruntled fans takes attitude: “Alexa, ask Uber for a ride. For Todd”, he says, willing to see the latter gone. Alexa reveals that there is an Uberx two minutes away.

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