Aldi USA Commercial 2017 – Woman Switching Husband

Aldi USA Commercial

Aldi USA Commercial

Aldi USA has released a new commercial, highlighting that their prices are lower and the quality is the same.

The 30-second spot features a middle aged blonde woman seated at a table in a garden, talking about the switching she’s made. “First I switched my husband’s favorite cereal ($3.35 at other supermarkets) to this one ($1.99 at Aldi) and he couldn’t tell the difference. And then I switched his favorite almond milk ($3.07 at other supermarkets) to this one ($1.99 at Aldi) and again he couldn’t tell the difference”, says the woman, while in the background, her husband is reading the newspaper on a bench. “And since that switching went so well, I decided to switch one more thing”, adds the woman and then turns to look at the man reading the newspaper behind her, who is no longer her husband, but a younger handsome man. “And believe me, I can tell the difference”, she says with delight in her eyes.

The spot ends with the voiceover saying “You’ll like them both, but you’ll love our price” and adding the
the supermarket chain’s tagline, “Simply Smarter Shopping”.

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