Yellow Tail Super Bowl Commercial 2017 – Model Ellie Gonsalves Petting Kangaroo

Yellow Tail Super Bowl Commercial 2017 - Ellie Gonsalves

Yellow Tail Super Bowl Commercial 2017 – Ellie Gonsalves

The Yellow Tail has released its Super Bowl commercial, achieving thus a record: it is the first wine brand to air a Big Game ad in 40 years.

The 30-second spot released by the Australian brand features a man dressed in a yellow suit, accessorized with a yellow tie, who’s always accompanied by a kangaroo: at a rooftop party, where he brings in two bottles of wine and the kangaroo is DJ-ing, at a family barbecue, where he also brings the wine, while the kangaroo flips burgers, and on a beach, where model Ellie Gonsalves makes a short appearance, petting the kangaroo, after the man asks her “Do you want to pet my ‘roo?”. “At Yellow Tail we believe in fun”, “we believe your wine should be taken outside to some fresh air”, “We believe in.. Ellie Gonsalves” (when she passes by on the beach), “And finally we believe in this” (a rooftop party with a DJ-ing kangaroo), says the man in the yellow suit throghout the ad, ending with the tagline “Let’s Yellow Tail”.

The brand of wine produced by Casella Family Brands reportedly spent $5 million for the 30-second ad, set to run in the first half of the game and aimed at making American consumers buy the Australian wine.

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