Xerox Monk Commercial 2017 – Brother Dominic

Xerox Monk Commercial 2017 - Brother Dominic

Xerox Monk Commercial 2017 – Brother Dominic

Xerox has released a new commercial, showing how it helps a monk accomplish a virtual miracle.

The 60-second spot features Brother Dominic as he is asked to create 500 copies of a manuscript in 35 languages, personalized for every brother and sister, and to subsequently share them across the 7 continents. Thanks to Xerox, this seemingly impossible task becomes actually easy: with apps and software to translate, customize and share his document, the monk manages to make everyone happy. As the ad continues, we get to see excited reactions from the recipients from all over the world. We see that Brother Dominic has even printed the manuscript as a mug, to the delight of his fellows.

When his superior sees someone who has received the manuscript on a tablet, he exclaims “It’s a miracle”.

The commercial ends with the brand’s tagline, “Set the page free”.

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