Wonderful Pistachios – Ernie’s Mouse Tattoo

Wonderful Pistachios - Ernie's Mouse Tattoo

Wonderful Pistachios – Ernie’s Mouse Tattoo

Wonderful Pistachios has released a new commercial starring Ernie, who reveals his one regret after a hard night.

The 15-second spot, titled “Ernie’s One Regret”, features the brand’s famous animated mascot lying on the floor among dozens of finished bags of Wonderful Pistachio, voiced by John Cena, talking to himself. “Do I regret ditching peanuts for heart-healthy pistachios? Not at all. Do I regret getting a mouse tattoo last night? Yes, I do”, reveals Ernie, adding that it was a bad decision and that he truly regrets it.

The commercial ends with the brand’s tagline, “Get crackin'”.

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