Wilson Blade Countervail Racquets Serena Williams Commercial

Wilson Blade Commercial - Serena Williams

Wilson Blade Commercial – Serena Williams

Tennis Warehouse has released a new commercial, starring Serena Williams and presenting the Wilson Blade Countervail racquets.

The 30-second spot features the professional tennis player saying that “Blade is number 1 on tour and most used by the pros”. She also says that “the way it’s designed is super cool”, adding that “it’s just a new level of design”. “It’s my equipment. It’s my everything”, says Serena at the end of the ad.

Serena has also shared recently with her fans on Twitter that she’s “incredibly excited” to be playing the first Grand Slam of 2017 with her Autograph Blade SW104, and invites you to “go pick one today”.

Serena Williams received the Wilson’s Blade SW104 Autograph, the second such commemorative frame the manufacturer has released in the last 38 years, a few months after Roger Federer received the Pro Staff RF97 Autograph. Her new Blade is a sleek matte black frame, using a new high-performance paint called Black Velvet, with electric-green highlights and her signature engraved in the throat in gold. It will arrive in stores this month, with a retail price of $249.

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