Whirlpool Commercial Song 2017 – Dad and Son

Whirlpool Commercial 2017 - Dad and Son

Whirlpool Commercial 2017 – Dad and Son

Whirlpool has released a heart-warming commercial starring a dad and his son, and showcasing the strong bond the two form.

The 60-second spot features the man waking up early in morning and preparing breakfast, snacks and the lunch box for his son, leaving him reminders and notes with messages such as “Good luck on your test. Love, Dad”, “Have fun today! Love, Dad”, and even “Talk to her! Love, Dad”, referring to the girl his son likes at school.

The boy’s father is shown mostly in the kitchen, which is equipped with Wirlpool products, from the fridge and oven to the dishwasher. “I don’t think I’m the best dad in the world, but…Sometimes I forget to cut the crust off the sandwich. I told him our goldfish left to go swim in the ocean.

Sometimes work comes before games. Most days, I just hope I’m getting some of it right”, says the voiceover.

The spot ends with the man finding a thank you note from his son, which makes him realize that his efforts are noticed and he is actually appreciated.

The track used in the ad is “You Are My Sunshine” by Johnny Cash.

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