We Love Our Lamb Commercial Song – Celebrate Australia

We Love Our Lamb Commercial

We Love Our Lamb Commercial

We Love Our Lamb has released a new commercial, just in time for Australia Day, focusing on celebrating the country’s diversity and how eating lamb can unite people.

The spot, created like a short film launched with the already famous tagline “You Never Lamb Alone”, features a group of Indigenous Australians, having over for a beach barbecue several crews (“boat people”) from all over the world: The Netherlands, the Great Britannia, introducing themselves as the “First Fleet”, France, Germany, China, Italy, Greece, Serbia, and others. One thing is sure: the beach gets soon crowded, with (almost) all people eating Australia’s famous lamb and partying on the rhythms of Haddaway’s hit “What Is Love”. Several comic moments are blended into the film, which introduces also a group of vegans. “Should we crack a vegan joke?”, asks one of the hosts to his fellow seeing three hipsters coming over with a guitar.

The “ice guys” make their appearance saying “it’s not a party without ice” but the ice they’re bringing is water dribbling out of the plastic bags they hold. “Oh, fiddlesticks” – they swear again. The float people, dancing in their underwear, also join the party, in time for the fireworks.

The commercial ends with one of the guests, played by the Australian cricket player Adam Gilchrist, thanking the hosts for having them. “Thanks for having us, guys. Great spot for a barbie”, he says, shaking one of the host’s hand. “Best in the world”, answers the latter, before the camera angle gets further, from the beach spot to the planet seen from the outer space, with the tagline “You Never Lamb Alone”.

The cast includes also Sam Kekovich, former rugby player Wendell Sailor, Olympian Cathy Freeman, the culinary star Poh Ling Yeo, and LGBTQ comedian Rhys Nicholson.

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