Volvo Commercial 2017 – Cortana Personal Assistant by Microsoft

Volvo Commercial 2017 - Cortana

Volvo Commercial 2017 – Cortana

Title: A New Era Of In-Car Productivity

HP: “Enjoy a simpler, more productive time spent in your car with voice-controlled personal assistance. Our vision for the future in partnership with Microsoft”.


Man: Cortana, what is happening today?
Cortana: Good morning, Jonas..
Woman: The nature of the car is evolving. Autonomus cars will provide the time and space to work, play, or relax when desired.
For many people this will mean saving precious time, by working while in the car, on the way, to or from the workplace, freeing them from the office.
Volvo cars vision for in-car productivity revolves around creating a seamless and fully connected in-car experience that supports people while on the move.
Utilizing the latest technology, in the most relevant manner, Volvo Cars, in partnership with Microsoft, sees a future where voice controlled personalized systems, will make life easier, more productive, and ultimately more enjoyable.

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