Volkswagen Australia Commercial Song 2017 – Free Hugs

Volkswagen Australia Commercial - Free Hugs

Volkswagen Australia Commercial – Free Hugs

Wolkswagen Australia has released a new commercial, inviting you to get an incredibly low finance rate on selected Volkswagen Polo and Golf models by the end of the month.

The 30-second spot, released with the tagline that “99% of the deals can be ignored. 1% can’t”, features a man on the street, holding a poster in his hands with the writing “Free Hugs”. A woman stops, looks toward him with, and gets closer with a delighted smile on her face. Seing her, the man is ready to open up his arms and give her a hug, but she pushes him away to look better at a bill promoting the Volkswagen 1% finance offer.

The ad, featuring the instrumental part of Iggy Pop’s 1977 hit “Passenger”, ends with the above mentioned tagline and with the voiceover saying that the Volkswagen 1% finance offer on selected Polo and Golf models (1% p.a. comparison rate) has been extended to January 31 and inviting you to hurry because stocks are limited.

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