Verizon Commercial 2017 – 5GB for $55

Verizon Commercial 2017

Verizon Commercial 2017

Verizon has released a new commercial, introducing the new plan providing users with 5GB for $55 per month.

“When you’re on your phone 24/7, you probably think you need an unlimited plan. But actually the majority of people pay for data they never use. That’s right. Two out of three people use less than 5GB”, says the voiceover in the 30-second spot, adding that “now Verizon introduces the one plan that’s right for you”.

“Switch and just for $55 you get 5GB on America’s best network”, recommends the voiceover, justifying that “that’s tons of data at a cost that’s less than an unlimited plan”. He also reveals “the best part” in this: there are “no surprise overages”. “Finally, all the data you need on the network you want”, adds the voiceover.

The spot ends with the company’s tagline, “better matters”.

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