uSwitch Coach Commercial – Broadband Comparison

uSwitch Coach Commercial

uSwitch Coach Commercial has released a new commercial, highlighting how simple switching broadband providers can be.

The 30-second spot introduces Coach, the uSwitch’s new character who inspires and motivates people, in this case a woman named Bev, to switch broadband providers and get a better deal. He shows up in front of the woman, who’s sitting at her laptop, and approaches her as follows: “Bev, are you thinking it’s too much hassle switching to a better breadband deal?”.

“With uSwitch it’s the easy play”, says Coach, adding that it’s like the time she fixed the hole in the wall or the time she got that perfect tan.

(Note: she fixed the hole in the wall by covering it with a picture and she got a perfect tan by spraying herself with a special spray). “That’s it. Just go on their site and switch yourself to the hall of fame”, advises Coach the woman, who learns that she can even call their switching experts if she needs help. “You can do this, Bev”, says the woman to herself.

“Yes, you can”, confirms Coach at the end of the spot, before the voiceover says the brand’s tagline, “Switching made simple”.

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