U.S. Cellular Commercial 2017 – Free Samsung Galaxy J3 – Couple with Sparkles

U.S. Cellular Commercial 2017

U.S. Cellular Commercial 2017

U.S. Cellular has released a new commercial, inviting you to get a free Samsung Galaxy J3 with U.S. Cellular Prepaid, and spend your tax refund on other stuff.

The 15-second “Sparkle” spot features a couple who has done this and spent their tax refund on sparkles. The woman shows to her husband on a Samsung tablet the latest U.S. Cellular’s offer, of getting “an amazing phone” and save their tax refund for “other stuff”. “We sure could use the money”, answers her husband, continuing to incorporate sparkles into a clothing item and adding “I don’t know where it all goes”.

As the filming angle broadens, viewers get to see that all the things in their house are decorated with sparkles, so they might understand where all the couple’s money goes.

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