TurboTax David Ortiz Commercial – Tennis Coach

TurboTax Commercial - David Ortiz

TurboTax Commercial – David Ortiz

TurboTax has released a new commercial starring David Ortiz, aka Big Papi.

The 45-second spot, titled “David Ortiz New Job”, features the Dominican American retired professional baseball player working as a tennis coach. Until the arrival of his (next) student, he throws some balls (with the force he used in baseball) causing damage all around him: breaking the windshield of a car, the glasses on a waiter’s tray, a statue, a wedding cake. Becoming aware of the mischief he creates, he uses his TurboTax mobile app to ask a tax question.

“I’m teaching tennis on the side now. But I’m going through a lot of balls. Can I deduct them?” – is Big Papi’s question.

“In your case, yes. You can enter your expenses right here”, says the TurboTax employee, while he’s shown on the display where exactly he can enter his expenses.

The next scene features Big Papi’s student, ready for her lesson, who watches amazed how he hits the ball.

The commercial ends with the brand’s tagline, “relax, there’s turbotax”.

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