TurboTax Commercial 2017 – Humpty Dumpty

TurboTax Commercial - Humpty Dumpty

TurboTax Commercial – Humpty Dumpty

Title: Humpty Fall

Humpty Dumpty stars in the new commercial for TurboTax.

HP: “A Humpty Dumpty commercial that highlights the dangers for eggs sitting on walls who get distracted by their mobile phones. Relax, There’s TurboTax”.


Man: Humpty! Humpty!
Humpty: Aww
Oh, not again.
Humpty: Aww
Man: Are you alright?
I suppose we better put him back together.
Humpty: Aww, everything hurts!
Man: I’m gettin most of ya.
Humpty: Where am I?
Police officer: What happened here?
Man: He fell off the wall.
He was doing his taxes.
Police officer: Doing his taxes?
Emergency Paramedic (Man): Is this the fool that was on the wall?
Emergency Paramedic (Woman): Yeah!
Broadcaster: Reports just in, say he was in fact doin his taxes.
Man: Doing his taxes?
Woman: On a wall? That all seems very peculiar.
Broadcaster (Woman): The main question being asked. Why was he doin his taxes on a wall?
Humpty: Why why why, because you can!
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