Tostitos Party Safe Bag Commercial 2017 – Delanie Walker – Josh G.

Tostitos Commercial 2017 - Party Safe Bag

Tostitos Commercial 2017 – Party Safe Bag

Tostitos has released a new commercial, presenting the “Party Safe” Bag, the first bag of chips that reminds you to never drink and drive.

The brand of tortilla chips highlights that the Super Bowl day is one of the most dangerous times of the year because football nights are parties, and a lot of parties involve alcohol, and features Delanie Walker and Josh G. talking about how alcohol changes lives in only an instant.

Pro football player Delanie Walker says about the ones who drink at parties that they are not focused on how to get home because, after having some drinks, this is not a priority anymore. He reveals that his aunt and uncle have died on their way home after a car accident caused by a drunk driver. Walker also says that “most of the time, people don’t think that they’re drunk when they are and choose to drive”.

Producer and DJ Josh G. shares his thoughts on drinking, as well: “It’s insane how quickly things can change, just like that. The whole life is on a different route”. The spot features also a police officer, Ramsey L, who states that, on the day of the Big Game, almost 70% of the accidents they see are alcohol-related.

The Party Safe Bag is a special bag of chips because, if you had a drink and you blow on it, it turns red and gives you an Uber code, along with the message in red “Don’t drink and drive”.

The commercial ends with the onscreen lines “This Sunday, when you party with your friends, get a bag of Tostitos for $10 off an Uber ride” and with Walker’s piece of advice “Get a safe ride home – that’s the best play”.

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