T-Mobile One Commercial 2017 – Pests

T-Mobile One Commercial 2017

T-Mobile One Commercial 2017

T-Mobile has released a new commercial, highlighting that, with T-Mobile One, taxes and fees are now included.

The 30-second spot features a family in their living room, with the parents opening some bills and children around.
“Oh, look. We’ve got fees!”, shouts the mother, seeing fees under the form of pests on the table.
“It’s our Verizon bill”, says the father, shaking the envelope in his hand.
“Look at them: access fee, administrative fees, there’re even taxes on top of them”, adds the mother, quite shocked by this discovery.
“Decent people shouldn’t have to live like this”, exclaims the father, with the smartphone in his hands.
Suddenly, he finds himself hit forcefully with a rolled magazine in the head by his wife, who asks: “Did I get it?”.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying “T-Mobile ends surprise fees & taxes”. “That’s right. With T-Mobile One taxes and fees are now included. 4 lines $40 each. All unlimited. All In”, adds the voiceover before the brand’s tagline, The Un-Carrier, show up on the screen.

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