Suzuki Ignis Advert 2017 with Ant & Dec – Intelligent Ignis

Suzuki Ignis Advert 2017 - Ant & Dec

Suzuki Ignis Advert 2017 – Ant & Dec

Title: Suzuki Saturdays with Ant & Dec – Intelligent Ignis Part 2

HP: “By far the best knock knock joke we have heard in a while. Ant & Dec give “Lemonade” a taste of the Ignis intelligent driving assistant”.


Dec: Welcome to intelligent Ignis, your intelligent driving assistant.
Leon: Hell Ignis.
Dec: Driver, please state your full name.
Leon: Leon Ede.
Dec: Hello Lemonade.
Dec: Is that correct?
Leon: No.
Dec: I’m sory.
Dec: Would you like to enter entertainment mode?
Leon: Er, yeah.
Ant: Knock knock.
Leon: Who’s there?
Ant: Europe.
Leon: Er, Europe who?
Ant: No, you’re a poo!
Ant: We are now approaching the high street.
Ant: To your left is an opticians, did you see it? If you didn’t, pop in.
Dec: Coming up on your right is a bath store, do you need a bath?
Leon: I’m alright, I think.
Ant: I’ll be the judge of that.

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