Stella Artois & Elizabeth’s Dream Commercial – Matt Damon

Stella Artois Commercial - Matt Damon

Stella Artois Commercial – Matt Damon

“Los Angeles. My dreams took me here when I was young. But to make dreams come true you gotta have time. That’s something millions of women around the world don’t have”, says Matt Damon at the beginning of the commercial released by Stella Artois and, co-founded by Damon and Gary White to provide access to clean water to people in the developing world.

The spot, titled “Elizabeth’s Dream”, features Elizabeth, a young woman for whom the long and exhausting journey to collect water for her family took almost all her daytime. “But one day, these journeys came to an end”, says Matt Damon, who served as a narrator, adding that “when that first drop of clean water fell from the tap, it changed everything”. Elizabeth’s voice can be also heard in the spot, revealing how this change impacted the community’s life. “When water came, there was happiness. People were dancing with joy. It gave everyone more time”. As for her, she started wondering what to do with that time and decided to do what she liked the most: sewing. Thus, she became the “fashion designer” of the people living in her village, managing to fulfill her “simple” dream: to provide for her son, build her business and be self-sufficient. Yet, Elizabeth wants to do more: share her skills with other women and teach them to sew so that they “feel their worth”.

The ad ends with the voiceover saying that Elizabeth can now follow her dreams because of access to clean water. Something 663 million people still don’t have. Matt Damon invites you to join Stella Artois and and “help give someone just like Elizabeth an opportunity to dream”. “Together, we’re going to be the generation that helps end the global water crisis”, adds the American actor.

By purchasing a limited-edition Stella Artois Chalice, you can leave your mark and help end this global crisis.

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