Starbucks Coffee Animated Series Commercial – Baby Names

Starbucks Coffee Animated Series

Starbucks Coffee Animated Series

Title: 1st & Main: Episode 1 – Baby Names

HP: “From Starbucks comes the premiere of the animated series “1st & Main,” a show that follows the baristas and customers of a very special Starbucks Store. In this episode, Byron and Cyndy discuss baby names, with a little unsolicited, subtle guidance from Chet”.


Diego: Tall Peppermint Hot Chocolate for Chloe.
Byron: Chloe! If we have a girl, that should be her name.
Cyndy: What do you think, Chloe?
Chet: Hey Diego. Can I get my usual?
Diego: Got it right here.
Chet: Do you mind calling it out?
Diego: Grande Iced Coffee for Chet!

Iggy: Tall Non-fat Vanilla Latte for Gordon! Grande Christmas Blend for Alexa.
Sasha? Your Tall Chai Tea Latte.

Byron: ooh, Gordon! Alexa! Sasha!
Cyndy: Well, put ’em all down!
Diego: Chet? Another Grande Iced Coffee.
Chet: Chet, that’s my name. Strong, hard-working, salt of the Earth, Chet.
Diego: Chet, again? Holiday Spice Flat White. Chet.
And a Frosted Snowman Cookie for.. what a surprise. Chet.
Byron: Oh, Chet again. Maybe that’s a sign?
Cyndy: Chet. Chet. If it’s a boy, that’s his name.

Chet: Iggy! I did it! I did it, Iggy!
Cyndy: ooh, Iggy. I like Iggy even better.

Chet: Chet, Chet, Chet!
What, what, what! I did it!

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