Southwest Airlines Commercial 2017 – I Am Fenwick

Southwest Airlines Commercial 2017 - Fenwick

Southwest Airlines Commercial 2017 – Fenwick

Southwest Airlines continues its recently launched ad campaign with a new commercial, advertising the one-way flight deals during its Wanna Get Away Sale.

The 30-second spot, titled “I Am Fenwick”, starts with a defeated army of men standing in front of the opposing side, whose leader asks the warrior Fenwick to identify himself. “Who amongst you goes by the name Fenwick? Tell me, and the rest of you will be spared”, says the commander. Hearing this, Fenwick opens his mouth to reveal his identity, but his brothers in arms identify themselves as “Fenwick”, as well, willing to save him from the enemy.

Their attempt is rendered useless, though, by a man who comes up and approaches Fenwick (the real one) with a stupid question. He wants help to find his shield because the one he’s holding has vertical stripes on it and his shield has horizontal stripes (without thinking to rotate it). At this point, the look on the other warriors faces is priceless, as it is also when the enemy searching for Fenwick takes his sword out.

“Wanna get away?”, asks the voiceover, adding “Now you can with Southwest fares as low as $59 one way”. “Yes to low fares with nothing to hide. That’s transparency”, continues the voiceover, ending the spot.

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