Skipton Building Society TV Advert 2017 – Take a Pause

Skipton Building Society TV Advert 2017

Skipton Building Society TV Advert 2017

Title: Take a Pause

HP: “Introducing ‘Take a pause’ – the latest TV advert from Skipton Building Society”.


Everyday we just get on with our busy lives.
But when was the last time you paused, to think about your future?
There. That’s better.
Now, forget about your ‘to do’ list. That can wait.
Just concentrate on one thing.
Think about when you’d like to retire. What would you like to do?
Exotic holidays, family days, even days doing, well, nothing.
That’s what this moment is for – a chance for you to think about the important things.
There, you see.. the future is precious, isn’t it?
At Skipton, we take the time to talk about it.
Whether it’s planning the retirement you want, sorting out your pension, making the most of your savings
or helping you own your own home – we’re with you for the long term.
Isn’t it time you talked to Skipton Building Society?
Skipton. For your life ahead.

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