Secret Deodorant Commercial – Girls in the Elevator

Secret Deodorant Commercial

Secret Deodorant Commercial

Secret has released a new commercial promoting its deodorants, such as Secret Invisible Solid Cool Waterlily, Secret Clear Gel Luxe Lavender, Secret Invisible Solid Boho Berry, promising 48 hours of freshness.

The 30-second “Pitch” spot features Ash and Emma, two co-workers, preparing for a pitch in the elevator, on their way to an important meeting. Even though their stress level is quite high, they don’t have to worry about sweating thanks to their Secret deodorant, that keeps them dry.

The spot ends with the girls leaving from the elevator and the onscreen line “Ash and Emma’s pitch adds two more girls to the boys’ club”. The voiceover says the brand’s tagline, “Stress Tested for Women”.

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