Secret Deodorant Commercial 2017 – NFL – Red Zone

Secret Deodorant Commercial 2017

Secret Deodorant Commercial 2017

After the “Pitch” spot, starring Ash and Emma, the brand of deodorants Secret has released two new commercials with the hashtag #StressTest.

The 30-second spot, titled “NFL – Red Zone”, features a home party with a NFL match playing on TV. Two guys think the player should throw the ball and, therefore, scream “Throw the ball”. A young woman intervenes, saying “not in the red zone” and explaining the reason she thinks that. “Running is the way to go”, she ends her short speech, eating popcorn at the same time. Despite her justifications, the two guys near her keep their first opinion: “should run the ball”.

The commercial ends with the brand’s tagline, “Stress tested for women” which turns into “Stress tested for fans”.

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