Qantas Australia Commercial – The Flying Kangaroo

Qantas Australia Commercial

Qantas Australia Commercial

Title: New Era, Same Spirit

HP: “Introducing the Qantas Dreamliner. A new era for the Spirit of Australia”.


For almost 100 years now, Qantas has connnected Australia.
Helped us be our best in the world, and pushed the boundaries of aviation.
Along the way, the flying kangaroo has come to represent a spirit of pioneering and adventure.
Of confidence and warmth.
The spirit of Australia.
That red-and-white tail is a symbol of home for Australians, wherever they may be.
And since 1944, the Flying Kangaroo has stood proudly on every Qantas aircraft.
From next year, it will take its place on the Qantas Dreamliner, the future flagship of the national carrier’s fleet.
Every new generation of Qantas aircraft means new frontiers.
And the Dreamliner will take Australia another step closer to the rest of the world.
Linking us to the experiences and opportunities in a way no other aircraft has before.
And showcasing the best of Australia every time it flies.
So as we celebrate a new era, a new aircraft and new frontiers, we’re proud to present a new look.
This year, designer Marc Newson and his Qantas team have evolved the Qantas brand.
Paying tribute to our past and looking towards an exciting future.
As we prepare for our centenary, the spirit of Australia will soar further than ever before.
Introducing the Qantas Dreamliner and Australia’s newest Flying Kangaroo.
New Era, Same Spirit.

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