Progressive Insurance Career Day Commercial 2017

Progressive Insurance Commercial 2017

Progressive Insurance Commercial 2017

Progressive Insurance has released a new commercial, promoting its services and highlighting how it helps people save on their car insurance.

The 30-second spot, titled “Career Day”, features The Box ending his speech in front of a group of kids about his job, but the little ones have other interests and questions. “And now I help people find discounts like Paperless, Multi-car, and Safe Driver, that help them save on their car insurance”, says The Box seated on the teacher’s desk.
Eventually, he makes himself available to answer questions, but soon regrets that as kids have all kind of awkward questions, such as “How do you go to the bathroom?”, “Do you have a girlfriend?” (Box’s reply: “I’m actually focusing on my career right now, so I help people save 600 dollars when they switch”), and “Where is your belly button?”.
“Ahhh, I got to start booking better gigs”, says The Box at the end of the class.

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