Pizza Hut DeAngelo Williams Commercial 2017 – Big Game Training

Pizza Hut Commercial 2017 - DeAngelo Williams

Pizza Hut Commercial 2017 – DeAngelo Williams

Pizza Hut has released a new commercial, showing how its delivery guys undergo a special training with DeAngelo Williams for the Big Game day.

The 45-second spot features the football player, who is a former Pizza Hut team member, testing and training Nick Moore, a Delivery Combine rookie.

The first test is “Curb to Door Hustle”, which the latter doesn’t pass. “You can’t have a loose box, man. High and tight”, says DeAngelo, who has been part of the Delivery Combine, more than 15 years ago. Nick finds an excuse, saying he’s wearing jeans, and gives it another shot. His second attempt has the expected outcome, making DeAngelo congratulate him. “Great job, man. That’s the way to deliver a pizza. Right there, man”, says the football player, giving high five. “You remind me of myself when I was younger”, adds smiling. “Really?”, asks the rookie. “No”, answers DeAngelo with a serious tone.

The spot ends with the two crossing their arms across the chest and looking to the camera, while the onscreen line “We’re ready for the big fame. Are you?” appears. “Order for game day, we’ll be ready” – is the next onscreen line.

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