Pepsi Joe Flacco Saves Super Bowl Commercial 2017 – Party Poopers

Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial 2017

Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial 2017

Pepsi has released a new ad campaign, presenting Joe Flacco’s story and how he saves Super Bowl.

For now, only a teaser has been released, featuring the American football quarterback, known as Joe Cool, talking about a very serious issue, dear to his heart: party poopers.

Presented as a former party pooper, Flacco says: “You may find this hard to believe, but I used to be just like you”. He adds, though, that now he is an elite party guest thanks to Pepsi and Tostitos, which he describes as “amazing products”.

The teaser ends with the invitation for you to check back in the New Year for more of Joe’s heart-warming story.

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