Pepsi and Tostitos Party Poopers Commercial – Joe Flacco – Save Your Super Bowl Party

Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial 2017 - Joe Flacco

Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial 2017 – Joe Flacco

Pepsi has released the entire film about Party Pooping starring Joe Flacco.

Based on the idea that “every Super Bowl Sunday millions of NFL fans have their gatherings ruined”, the short film features the American football quarterback nicknamed Joe Cool, a former party pooper himself, talking about this “serious” issue and how the party-challenged can unpoop their party.

“If you’ve ever ruined a big moment, killing a perfectly good mood, you know what I’m talking about. The feeling is indescribable. In a bad way.

But now, there is hope”, says Flacco, presenting Pepsi and Tostitos as “real-game changers”. He reveals that he used to be a party pooper, as well, and that his friend stopped inviting him at parties because he was touching the guests’ faces too much and because he ruined birthday parties. Flacco finishes his confession by wiping his tears and presenting the solution to this problem: a perfect hair cut and these “amazing products” (Pepsi and Tostitos). “Now …I’m an elite party guest”, says the quarterback, adding that “you too can unpoop your party with Pepsi and Tostitos”.

“With our help, you can go from “not him again” to the top of the guest list. You won’t believe the difference your small contribution can make.(…) It’s time to take a stand and say goodbye to your party pooping past. Please do your friends a favor. Pick up some Pepsi and Tostitos. Remember: the next Super Bowl party you save might be your own”, says Joe Flacco from his armchair, with the same serious tone.

The commercial ends with the campaign’s tagline, “Save Your Super Bowl Party”, alongside with the onscreen line “Official sponsors of Super Bowl”.

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