Papa Murphy’s All-Meat Pizza Commercial – Murphy’s Law

Papa Murphy's All-Meat Pizza Commercial

Papa Murphy’s All-Meat Pizza Commercial

Papa Murphy’s has released a new commercial, featuring its all-meat pizza.

The 30-second spot showcases what happens “when Murphy’s Law meets Papa Murphy’s Law”, using kids who make a complete mess in the house and who enjoy Papa Murphy’s pizza with their family, at dinner.

“Murphy’s Law says when life gives you ingredients for chaos, chaos will happen”, says the voiceover at the beginning of the ad, continuing with Papa Murphy’s Law, which says that “when you have ingredients like scratch-made dough and cheese that’s created from a block, not poured from a bag, peace will reign at dinner time”.

“Murphy’s Law of destruction, Papa Murphy’s Law of delicious”, says the voiceover, inviting you to home bake a large Papa’s All-Meat Pizza tonight, as it costs just $9 and it is now “with more meat”.

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