Old Spice Commercial 2017 – Radio Daze

Old Spice Commercial - Radio Daze

Old Spice Commercial – Radio Daze

Old Spice has released a new ad campaign, with two commercials so far advertising the Odor Blocker Invisible Solid Antiperspirant Deodorant and the Sweat Defense Soft Solid Antiperspirant Deodorant.

The 15-second “Radio Daze” spot features two men sitting in a small wooden house in the underarm hair of a man and listening to the radio news about the sweat.

After hearing that the forecast is still dry and there’s “no hope in sight”, one of the two men, named Richard, says: “I’ve had enough of this sitting around waitin’ on this sweat! I’m going to do something about it!” and goes out the door.
“Richard, no!”, shouts his fellow.
But it’s too late for Richard to come back. An Old Spice Deodorant swipes him away, leaving the other man screaming with desperation “Old Spice!”.

The spot ends with the brand’s tagline, “For these drying times”.

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