New Games 2017: Kill The Bad Guy (Trailer Song)

Games 2017: Kill The Bad Guy

Games 2017: Kill The Bad Guy

Title: Kill The Bad Guy

HP: “Track the Bad Guys, be brutal and smart in your planning, and eliminate them one by one. But bear this in mind: each criminal’s death has to look like an accident. In each level, you’ll have the chance to splatter and destroy the Bad Guy using various weapons and traps”.


Your new job: make disappear the Bad Guys.
Use cunning and lure the Bad Guy into a devilish trap.
Mixin puzzle, action, physics, and glory fun.
Enjoy 66 levels of madness!
Kill The Bad Guy – Now Available on PlayStation 4.

Song: Samuel Safa – Never Forget the Bad Guy


Let me get on real quick
And spit that crack crack crack
Shoot bars sporadically
Click clack clack clack
This Jack season you waiting for
Go on and clap clap
Bad guys stays calm
Ducks quack-quack-quack

Hello hello
You know how it goes
It’s good vs evil
And you welcome to the show

The syndromes epidemic
And it’s large in every coast
We trudging round the globe
And about to explode

Never forget that bad guy
Don’t you forget the bad guy

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