Mr. Clean Super Bowl Commercial 2017 – Woman Turned on by Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean Super Bowl Commercial 2017

Mr. Clean Super Bowl Commercial 2017

Mr. Clean went for sexiness this year, for its Super Bowl commercial, released with the title “Cleaner of Your Dreams”.

The 30-second spot, from Leo Burnett, Toronto, and set to run during the halftime of the Big Game, features a sexy animated version of Mr. Clean, who does it all over the house: in the kitchen, on the floor, and in the shower.

While removing the stains, he shows off his sexy dance moves under the lustful look of a woman. As the ad comes to its end, viewers get to see that actually it’s her chubby husband doing the cleaning. When she starts dancing, as well, moving her body slowly and putting her hands through her hair, her husband interrupts her, eager to have a feedback on his household chore. “Sarah, Sarah, clean enough?”. Without saying a word, she crushes towards him, and starts kissing him passionately, pushing him afterwards on the couch behind him.

The spot, featuring a catchy song (“Got what you want, got what you need.. I’ll be your, I’ll be your ecstasy”), ends with the onscreen line “You gotta love a man who cleans”. This is the first commercial of the Procter & Gamble Co. brand for the Big Game.

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